MST FXX-D VIP FRM 2WD Electric Shaft Driven Car (red)

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Do not miss great opportunity to be the first in the world who will get a new 2wd drift chassis! Our site provides the exclusive price on the FXX-D model and you can order it now. The shippings of FXX-D VIP chassis starts 10, October. At the moment the new and exclusive images are available. Descriptions and specifications are coming soon.

It is mainly intended for professionals, not for beginners, because it is very difficult to manage, as well as to maintain.

MST FXX-D VIP FRM 2WD Electric Shaft Driven Car (red)

Main Features

  • Silver carbon chassis
  • Red or Silver aluminium parts
  • 1/10 Scale 2WD electric drift car chassis
  • KPI Upright set
  • MST Gyroscope
  • MST unique HT suspension system for largest steering angle adjusting
  • Maximum caster degree 0 - 23
  • Quick releasing component for center battery position!
  • Upgraded steering angle
  • Patent design for gear ration changing by pinion gear exchange
  • Standard gyroscope steering aid system and special mount for position adjusting
  • Vary battery position choises
  • Steering angle max is 75.

MST FXX-D VIP 2WD electric drift car chassis



This is by far the best RWD chassis that i have owned and driven. The driving is just effortless. MST you have done an amazing job. Tunning this car is so easy all the products installed are the best quality that i have come across in my 12 years rc hobby years. MST the best of the best.

However i would love if MST would have given a pinion with the car, Stiffer Springs in the front with thicker oil. Thats the only recommendation i have

i love this car, have already got 2 of these and they are the best.
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Car specifications
Model Type:
  • On-Road RC Car
  • 1:10 scale
  • Standard 257mm (adjustable)
  • Standard 190mm (adjustable)
Drive System:
  • 2WD
  • Shaft Driven
  • Oil damper
  • HT System
  • Full ball bearings
  • 4 to 20 degrees variableness
  • 0 to -12 degrees

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