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Max Speed Technology (short MST) RC

MST or Max Speed Technology is a manufacturer of rc cars, which proves itself as one of the leaders in RC DRIFT market. But the company doesn’t stop. Recently it has supplemented its assortment with such types of hobby remote control cars as rally cars and touring cars. Also the first step was taken to the market of rc off-road with the CMX crawler model.

This brand is a personification of "cost = quality" and a constant progress, also it competes with elder dominating players in quality, novelties and assortment in the market of remote control toys for adults successfully.

Novelties, tuning, spare parts, disks and accessories come out for sale at enviable rate against the background of other brands. Now there are simply no competitors in the market of remote control drift cars, who would produce such quantity of chassis, wheels, spare parts and all these products are at a reasonable price and all over the world. MST group supplies a want of the greater part of rc drift participants. Study the full assortment (line) of MST brand on our rc car shop and make sure of all this information on your own.

Max Speed Technology (short MST)

Align RC

Every RC fan is well aware of Align high-end helicopters and option parts. This Taiwanese RC manufacturer has an interesting background to start with. Being established in 1984 as Align Machine Tool Co., Ltd., this company released electric motors for power drawbars and milling machines. In 1995 the re-branding brought Align Appliances - a successful Taiwanese manufacturer creating vacuum cleaners and home appliances that even reached Japanese market.

However, only in 2003 Align managed to become internationally famous as a RC manufacturer specializing in creating high-end remote control vehicles for kids and adults. Nowadays Align RC World is the top RC manufacturer providing the community with high-performance rc model kits, option parts, electronics and power systems related to RC vehicles. Learn more about the exceptional conceptual products of this company.

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RCRoller is the rc hobby place where you will discover an extensive selection of quality rc cars and helicopters along with an incredible choice of rc spare parts and upgrades. We are constantly making improvements and adjusting our online shop just for improve and saving up your shopping time. We try to make our website unrealistic advanced, easy, convenient and useful.
One beautiful and powerfull destination with all range of MST rc vehicles and Align helicopters.
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Shop by Max Speed Technology (short MST) Remote Control Cars

MST producer of rc car model gains the popularity every day with greater and greater force and, accordingly, the new wave of development. There are a great number of moments, when MST engineers were in front of all planet. The brand showed the quality, obtainable prices and a wide variety of assortment, that gives the opportunity to every person to find something suitable for him.

MST produces both shaft driven and belt driven chassis. It is presented by both Drive train types – 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. It has 10 unique names of rc model, a part of which is divided according to the level of features and series, such as S, RTR, PRO and VIP. Thus the total amount of models is more than 22. VIP versions are available in a few color kitting-ups. You can find an available quantity of knitting-up according to the color for every MST VIP model in our rc shop.

Our online mst rc hobby store made an exclusive novelty for the purpose of more comfortable and advanced model navigation. We prepared the unique range of colours for every car model and appropriate submodels. Next we’ll use our range of colours on the site. The main unique model names of remote control cars and their range of colours are presented online below. We hope that all these points will help you to orientate better in the assortment of MST company.

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Stress-free days filled with laughter. You’re exploring the new amazing world every day. It was so good to be a kid. Do you even remember how it was like to be absolutely happy and free from problems? We bet that you started to forget that feeling being caught by the unexpected twists of adult life. But if you’re still a big kid despite your age hobby with rc model can help you to feel joys of a worry-free life again.

It is quite easy to feel like a child again having one of remote control toys for adults (looking and operating as miniatures of real rc vehicles model). You are free to choose rc toys online from a range of high-end motor RC devices including airplanes and aeroplanes, helicopters, remote control cars, trucks, tanks, speedboats and even quadrocopters. RCRoller rc hobby shop stocks a great assortment for RC enthusiasts loving flying/racing/drifting with remote control toys. It does not matter if you are at a young age or a grown up enough to have your own kids RC hobby can really change your life for good making it more adventurous and exciting.

This hobby is far more beyond just playing with nice-looking RC toys. RC masters consider their hobby as the form or art and skill where you need to learn how to control helicopters, airplanes, rc cars, boats or tanks achieving the level allowing participating in national RC championships. Many fans even make careers out of this hobby so "playing RC toys" can easily become the main activity of your life. Fun and adventure, thrill of competition – this is what rc model hobby is about. Just start and you’ll learn how easy it is to be good at one of the most interesting hobbies in the world.