RCE-P180 DC To AC Power Inverter KX850164A

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Input power:DC 11.0~14.5V, or Lead Acid Pb 12V(automotive) battery.
Output power:AC 110V ±5% /60HZ
Idle Current:Less than 0.3A
Low voltage alarm threshold:10.5V±0.5V
Low/High voltage protection threshold:10.0V±0.5V /15.0V±0.5V
Temperature protection:60°±10°
Size:123 x 72 x 46 mm

Utilizes programmable firmware control for higher conversion efficiency, with reduced input power consumption.
Protection against input voltage, current, overload, and over temperature.
Error condition display and audible alarm to assist in abnormal condition discovery and troubleshoot.
Application to ALIGN Li-Po chargers 3CX/4CX/6CX.
Multiple chargers can be connected together based on the sum of each charger’s power ratings (watts). For example, one inverter can handle one RCC-6CX, or six RCC-4CX, or eight RCC-3CX.