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ALIGN T-Rex 700

Align T-Rex 700 helicopters are offered at models with nitro or electric based motors. If you wish to have an advanced RC large-scale helicopter that will help to demonstrate your skill level in 3D flying then this model is exactly what you need.

Any kit of Align T-Rex 700 series is big, fast and very impressive when it comes to flying. The electric based T-Rex 700 models use 2 6S batteries (NB: they are not included in any kit) and can give at least 5 minutes of breathtaking performance per a single charge. The nitro based T-Rex 700 helis use a .91 size engine and can rip fly in the sky during 8 minutes until fuel comes to the end.

In a nutshell, T-Rex 700 electric kits and its nitro version called as T-Rex 700 Nitro Pro stand for the most impressive models by Align. These models have combined all of the most successful developments ever made by Align in RC helicopters and the most sophisticated engineering solutions. The result is a comparatively small weight for a model with such size’s parameters, excellent stability and a great power handling.