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ALIGN T-Rex 600

If you are looking for power and speed delivered without annoying building then any RTF kit from Align’s T-Rex 600 series is exactly what RC Roller recommends for you. By right T-Rex is one of the most popular RC helicopter lines by Align of all time. The latest kit is known as the T-Rex 600 EFL Pro and it maintains 2 6S 3300 Lipo packs.

Such popularity is easy to explain. You see T-Rex 600 helicopters will do perfectly for all types of RC flying. They are offered in nitro versions with 50 or 55 sized engines and they are quite budget when it comes to repairing and upgrading.

With T-Rex 600 helicopters you can learn any 3D aerobatic tricks and give stunning performance to make all your enemies envy. The main rotor’s diameter is 1347 mm, the tail rotor’s diameter is 260 mm and the common length of the model is 1160 mm. Carbon frame makes the design robust and resistant to extreme loads. When buying a 600-class - you get a serious "adult" model, where flying is pure fun!