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ALIGN T-Rex 550

Before buying any model from the T-Rex 550 series consider its pros and cons because basically it is a lighter version of T-Rex 600 but with some benefits only an experience RC pilot will be able to notice. In other words, T-Rex 550 helicopters will perfectly for the intermediate skill level. The T-Rex 550 is a shorter, quicker version of the 600. It has the same motor but shorter blades.

Advanced users will certainly fall in love with Align T-Rex 550 helis because these RC models can carry out the most difficult tricks with 180o quick turns, loops and quick changes of direction during 3D flight. While controlling this particular RC model you will feel like a pilot of a real helicopter!

T-Rex 550 can perform breathtaking maneuvers. Its power characteristics are also excellent. Each kit has particularly impressive features equipped with electronic stabilization of the latest 3GX generation. T-Rex 550 has a gross weight of 2 800 g, where the main rotor’s diameter is 1188 mm and the tail rotor’s diameter is 254 mm.