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ALIGN T-Rex 500

Align’s T-Rex 500 is one of RC fans’ favorite electric motor based helicopters. It is a little bit bigger than the T-Rex 450 series. These RC helis are quite easier to control and maintain. With a 6S Lipo-ready pack any T-Rex 500 model has insane power and speed to show off.

Align T-Rex 500 lineup is something between the T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 600 series. Since it incorporates the best features of both predecessors and eventually delivers the truly remarkable 3D flying experience.

Small weight and a relatively small size that does not require a lot of space for flying, high power and precise parts will meet the needs of the majority of RC pilots - from beginners to professional RC hobbyists. This model is able to perform the most breathtaking maneuvers being extremely overloaded at the same time having sufficient stability. The electric power based T-Rex 500 helicopters do not produce annoying noise during the flight and they are very simple to control even for a newbie. T-Rex 500 is a relatively small helicopter ready for upgrading and building with a great flying potential.