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ALIGN T-Rex 450

T-Rex 450 helicopters are perhaps the most popular models of all Align’s lineups. Compact size, good stability during flying, robust construction, great precision of parts - are the major characteristics of T-Rex 450 kits that by right have earned affection and reputation. The wide dissemination of T-Rex 450 models will definitely captivate novice RC pilots and will present a wide range of extreme abilities for those experience RC pilots who like to experiment.

Proven design and small size allow you to fly a T-Rex 450 helicopter indoors or outdoors. Each T-Rex 450 model safely endures small wind resistance. Excellent stability and high precision’s control help novices to cope with piloting a model, but in hands of an experienced pilot a T-Rex 450 heli can easily demonstrate extreme aerobatics. Mostly all T-Rex 450 helicopters are offered as partially assembled.

T-Rex 450 models do not require high capacity for batteries to fulfill a long-lasting flight. In a nutshell, this lineup is perfect for those novices who do not want to build RC helicopters but want to experience professional 3D flying.