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ALIGN T-Rex 250

All T-Rex 250 models are extremely small, but demonstrate very high performance as for average RC helicopters. Before you buy any T-Rex 250 model, keep in mind that you are to have “good eyes” to see it and “steady hands” to control it. The models of T-Rex 25- series are strongly not recommend for beginners. It is a miniaturized version of T-Rex 450 lineup with the same quality and construction.

Align T-Rex 250 helicopters are electronic motor based models. Each T-Rex 250 kit offers a stable, maneuverable helicopter with the weight of 340 g, the length of 430 mm and the main rotor’s diameter of 460 mm. It is also quite a miniature model, one of the smallest on the market of remote controlled helicopters. The speed of its blades is very high, so you can play with it in the open air.

Many RC experts will agree that T-Rex 250 models stand for the most successful combination of powerful rotor based model with the compact size. Due to the good stability and powerful speed’s characteristics T-Rex 250 models will please RC fans with outstandingly performed basic maneuvers.

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