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ALIGN T-Rex 100

Align T-Rex 100 series can offer micro RC heli models with excellent aircraft’s fidelity. Despite the small size, these models have unique characteristics allow you to pilot it not only indoors, but also outdoors. Any Align T-Rex 100 helicopter is able to withstand wind resistance because of a small but extremely powerful electric motor.

T-Rex 100 kits are the tiniest ones among all Align’s RC helicopters. Each classic T-Rex 100 model weighs only 32 grams. At length every T-Rex 100 helicopter reaches only 202 mm, the diameter of the blades is 192 mm and the tail rotor’s diameter is 36 mm. Despite its size, this “baby” can easily allow enjoying flying games in the open air but only on the terms of sunny and windless weather.

Align’s T-Rex 100 models are completely ready-to-fly-kits. Helicopters of this class are sold as 100% assembled. It means you won’t have to comprehend the science of assembling like experienced RC pilots do. These models were specifically designed for RC helicopter novices.

T-Rex 100 models due to the understandable reasons are the most affordable ones and they also have the perfect resistance to falls. Since these Align’s helicopters weigh quite a bit the probability of serious damage even after a serious fall is quite small.