MST RC company released a new representative of shaft driven drift chassis with its motor being located behind the front axis. MST FSX-D chassis is not just a novelty in the market of rc drift cars, it is a very interesting and unusual novelty.

FSX-D VIP chassis by MST has 4WD/2WD driving methods for customer's choices. The original settings is 4WD, but it possible to change the driving method to 2WD. For this 2wd conversion purpose you need to purchase 841002 MST LSD 2.0 RS Gyro and 210353 Alum. ball diff.

MST FSX series has also in the assortment a budget model FSX-D S in addition to the VIP model with three different colors (red, purple and silver). You should chose this model because it is fully prepared for professional drifters.

Key characteristic of mst fsx-d is the unusual location of the motor and main balance which allows you to reach maximum effective and high-quality drift. This rc drift model by mst has a great potential for configuring and the main option of FSX-D is freely changeable motor directions (motor forward installation and backward installation). It allows to offer 2 options for different control features - for sensitive function and for stable function. You can create your own unique style of driving by varying the settings.