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For your convenience, we categorized all exceptional MST rc drift cars we offer to multiple categories – by their design specifications, the series’ title and, which is more important, by type of drive system and wheel drive.

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MST RC offers you shaft and belt driven chassis. Both mechanisms are identical in their functionalities and only have a couple differences in features, some of which are pros and the others are cons. Both types are similar in price and operation expenses. Overall, it would be a mistake to call one type better than the other, since they are like "mother" and "father" (have similarities and differences).

Shaft driven electric rc drift car is much more accurate and aggressive, however, it is very demanding in operation; belt driven is totally the opposite – it is smooth but is not afraid of outside influences. Belt driven chassis has the main trouble - sometimes belt can tear so you need to have extra belts with you.

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MST RC Assortment

Max Speed Technology assortment is varied. It includes ready to run rc cars, chassis, stock and option/upgrade parts for chassis, wheels, tires and accessories. The distinctive feature of MST RC is the availability of the production, which falls on all range of rc drift market, that is from budgetary models, professional models to top models with their exclusive characteristics and details. It is an incontestable advantage and convenience of this brand. Everyone can find an acceptable variant to buy rc drift cars according to cost and level.

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RC Drift Cars

Car modelling is developing in different directions, but its most spectacular kind is radio controlled drift cars. RC drift represents a separate line of rc cars hobby, as a result not only of the popularity and impressiveness but also of complicated car’s construction and difficulties in controlling.

Drift – is a real driving art, that’s why it is among the most spectacular shows. It is exiting and fascinating world of modelling, waiting to be discovered. But the most interesting thing is that drift with electric rc drift cars gives you continued improvement and new experiences, development of reaction and of small motility of hands, because much depends on your fingers. All that you need is asphalt, carpeting, concrete or other similar surface. As a result of this you can sharpen your skills whenever and wherever you want.

In car races timing is every thing but in rc drift cars other characteristics are the emphasis: the angle of trajectory, the trajectory of a turning maneuver, the speed of a turning maneuver, driving style when cornering, and the spectator value.

RC drift hobby is above all a friendly atmosphere, laugh and fun, pleasant pastime with friends. Drift allows you to see the most beautiful body shell types, showiness and entertainment, because driving a car while skidding is unusual itself.

All rc drift first-quality cars to satisfy any needs can be found in our catalog. Our mst product range represents the large number of rc drift cars for sale of any level and configuration.

Car kits by MST RC (Max Speed Technology) are by right referred to the best ones for drift enthusiasts. It was 2010 when this Taiwanese manufacturer of superb cars and parts at first launched for sale its series of MS-01D remote control drift cars. Exclusiveness, top-notch quality and ready-to-run kits accompanied by unassembled ARR sets helped MST to gain popularity as one of the world’s best manufacturers of drift chassis.

4WD or 2WD Drift Chassis?

The majority of RC drift cars is 4wd and may differ only in engine’s location. Today 4WD models are the most popular and the assortment of these models includes chassis both for beginners and professionals. This class of remote control drift cars allows you to learn the basics of drifting with smooth transition to CS and further to RWD. But if you are still a novice, the 4 wheel drive class may be a better choice for you.

RWD - is a new trend in drifting’s culture, complex and at the same time very interesting. RWD demands higher requirements for driver’s skills and his experience in chassis’ settings and controlling. That’s why 2wd version is only for drivers of PRO-level and it is too difficult for beginners, though possible. You need to have a deep knowledge of rc driving features of the drift car kit and its possible configs, which may vary depending on surface.

MST FXX-D VIP is the most popular example of mst rc drift car. Be ready that you will have to spend the majority of your time setting up chassis, choosing tires, finding the balance with the help of loads to adjust the weight.

In 2WD drift cars every little thing is important because it may become a trouble or it may help you, it is like dealing with a real rc car: every detail determines a victory or a defeat.

What is the perfect option? Now it is your choice! You can find both types of chassis in our mst rc catalog.

Short history of RC Drift Hobby

In history of rc car’s modelling rc drift as a separate subculture was born in 1991, when Japan Company Tamiya released its first chassis TA-01. Pioneers of this kind of rc hobby at first used basic racing cars and then converted them into drifting rc cars. As a rule, it included rear differential lock and the use of special harder tires. Subsequently, the rapid growth in the popularity of drifting remote control cars hobby encouraged the manufacturers to produce both individual spare parts, sets of details and models especially designed for drift.

Caused great excitement in Japan, drift has become popular in the USA, Asia, Australia, and Europe. More and more people are becoming RC drift’s fans and then are trying out this kind of hobby.

For many people breath taking maneuvers and screeching of tires have become a lifestyle and crowds of fans are looking forward to the moment when, with a sinking heart, they can view a stunning show. It is a push for the development of RC drift, indeed RC cars, demonstrating the high speed, reliability, dynamic and control, are practically exactly the original models in miniature 1 to 10.

The most popular body shells are copies of Japan real cars, but the wide range of European and American cars, the main rivals, shouldn’t be disregarded. Body shells of rear wheel drive cars are used to make RC drift cars more similar to the real, but for drift other types also can be used.

It is our hope that you will try this hobby and share with us your success. Send your photos, videos to our RCRoller group on Facebook.