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Are you already a huge fan of remote control cars for adults? If yes, then you probably have a complete picture of the types of electric rc cars described below so you can just go ahead and skip this information and go straight to searching for cars for sale listed on our website. Our specialty is one brand – Max Speed Technology, all of the brand’s models of cars and parts designed by MST engineers are represented in full assortment on our website. We hope you will find the part made by this brand that is just right for you. MST is a fast-growing, high quality company that is known for positive reviews all over the world.

If you are a rookie, then you will be interested in learning about the existing types of radio controlled cars for sale. Mainly, they are categorized by the type of surface that they are intended to be used on – on-road and off-road remote control cars. There is no universal answer to which one you should choose, as everyone chooses by their preferences and character. Below are brief descriptions of both types.

On-Road RC Cars

RC Drift cars - it is without a doubt an exciting hobby where remote control cars are mostly intended for rc drifting. It requires good reflexes and fine motor skills, as well as being able to calculate trajectories in your head. If you like pretty cars, being the center of attention, if you like drifting, then you should definitely try this hobby. Moreover, the rc cars for sale are the most unique in this hobby field due to commonly used hand painting and outside tuning. The company produces unique single remote control vehicles, as well as replicas of real drifting cars or team models. Often drift is a team sport. As for the inside set, your choice is unlimited and you can find yourself a model on your budget with all the characteristics needed among the great variety of models.

RC Racing cars – hobby is stands out because of its speed and requiring fast reflexes from pilots. If you like speed and adrenaline rushes, then high-speed racing with its crazy rc car kits and fast rc drifting is exactly what will fit you. And you will be in charge of it all.

RC Rally cars – hobby is a very attractive and exciting class. Radio controlled rally cars are the topnotch of streets as they are the least demanding in regards to the surface out of all on-road cars. Routes vary in surfaces such as clay, small rocks, asphalt, concrete, and other hard surfaces. Powerfulness and amazing cars will never leave you bored going through street routes, performing complicated jumps, and perfecting your technique. Rally brings together drift and racing car. Maybe this is the type of electric remote control cars that your mind leans towards and will give you the best pleasure.

MST S-series drift chassis
There are a variety of rc car S-series kits, which are ideally suited for those who are not satisfied with rtr drift car’s electronics but at the same time have a limited budget. Purchasing S-series rc models, you buy only chassis so you can individually find electronics which is suitable for you.
MST RTR-series drift cars
Here you can find electric Ready-to-run rc drift cars. RTR is ideal for person who simply want to find out whether or not this hobby is suitable. Also if you like simplicity and don’t want to know all the subtleties of chassis’ assembling and adjustment. There is no need to select electronics, all details have been already installed and all you need to do is to take a rc car from a box and it is ready to work.
MST VIP-series drift chassis
VIP-series is represented by a large number of rc models. All models are almost entirely tuned, almost all plastic are replaced with aluminum and VIP-series’ chassis has the maximum strength level.This series is recommended for professionals or experienced amateurs, for those who have clear understanding of characteristics that quality professional chassis should have.

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Off-Road RC Cars

Off-road class is completely different hobby from on-road remote control cars. Here is where you can really feel the power, force and thuggery. You decide where and how to drive. Roads? Not so much, off-road is where you belong. There is even more categories of remote control off-road cars than there is on-road. Every one of them is interesting and is definitely worth experiencing personally to figure out which one you prefer.

RC Crawlers (trophy – mud diggers) – are all-wheel drive remote control cars made for slow and steady conquering obstacles such as puddles, mud, and swamps. They are knows for a big amount of parts for tuning. This category of radio control off-road cars does not necessarily give you the same amount of adrenaline that you will get from high speed but you will definitely get a good amount of positive emotions from going through muddy routes and exploring the limits of your car. You will finally start enjoying the rain.

RC Rock crawlers – are meant for careful and slow overcoming of obstacles and routes created by nature itself – rocks and surfaces like that. Distinguishing quality is a huge suspension range and big clearance as well as low speed. We recommend to buy rc cars from this category for those who are not in a rush and enjoy the process of overcoming an obstacle.

RC Monster Truck – the most popular class of radio controlled cars in the off-road category, because it is the most entertaining and gives you the biggest burst of emotions. It is intended for overcoming any surfaces, it is perfect for springboard and hill jumps. It is distinguished by huge wheels and big clearance, high speed and low balance because of the high center of gravity. It is perfect for those who just like to have fun with friends at home or outdoors.

RC Truggy – is an excellent compromise that allows you to overcome different obstacles, uneven surfaces, and springboards. Just like remote control Monster Truck, these vehicles have big wheels, however, the clearance is much smaller and they are controlled much easier.

These are not the only subcategories of remote control off-road car kits, but we hope you have an idea about what off road cars are like. In our online hobby store we have mst off-road rc cars – MST CMX kits and rtr. It is a Crawler that is partially similar to Rock Crawler.


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