Multi-function Tester RCE-MT8

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Balance adapter D x 1
(Compatible with TP balance plug of same specification)

Voltage measurement range: 2-8S Lipo/Li-ion.
Voltage display resolution: 0.001V
PPM manual signal output 2270us-770us
PPM automatic signal output: 1520us ±(120-630us)
Number of propeller measurable: 2 to 7
Propeller rotating range: 1-60000RPM, measurement distance: 5-15cm
BEC input voltage range: 4-7v
Battery input terminal spec: 2.5mm pitch pins, compatible with Align compatible balancing plugs.

1.For RC model electrical equipment diagnostic and measurement use.
2.High precision display of individual cell voltage for 2 to 8S lithium packs.In addition to individual cell voltage, it also displays total pack voltage as well as percentage of pack's remaining capacity.
3.Displays serial cell count in a pack, as well as highest and lowest cell voltage, and the voltage difference.
4.Servo diagnostic feature. Displays BEC output voltage and receiver signal output.
5.Digital tachometer to display 2 to 7 propeller rotating speed as well as memory for highest RPM attained.
6.Reverse polarity protection for cell input.