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Max Speed Technology

Meet Max Speed Technology (short MST) – an ambitious manufacturer that has already captured multiple hearts of RC enthusiasts. Why so many RC hobbyists enjoy its products? Find out from the detailed review by RC Roller.

Focusing on MST RC: past, present, future

MST – these three letters mean a lot for everyone who is into RC drifting hobby. Max Speed Technology is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of RC cars and option parts that started to work in 2010.

It is not a secret that MST RC manufacturer gains more and more popularity every day. Now the company has a big variety or rc models and parts, but not everyone remembers what they started from and how hard was the journey to success. Despite the ups and downs along the way, they reached their goal and became one of the best in the world.

In just a couple years MST reached the level of success that other world famous brands have been trying to achieve for tens of years. It is hard to say what is their key to success, but there are some factors that help MST RC to reach the top of the drifting Olympus. Now they are even trying out the off-road path. The secret is probably in good engineers and strong co-founders.

The Assortment and features of Max Speed Technology

MST were first in many things, for example, they were the first company to release front-motor chassis. At the time, it was a huge hit in the drift industry, it was new and unique; it was something no one has even thought about before. What could have been a total failure for the company, turned out to be a win. MST engineers were the first ones to release a RWD. They did not invent the RWD, however, they were the first to actually release it; before MST’s release there were only custom modifications on the market.


Obviously, front-motor chassis and RWD are single-time moments, because almost every new chassis and every new part captures continuously-growing audience’s undivided attention.

Creating RTR set was a very interesting and smart step from MST as it allowed them to get in front of such brands as Tamiya and HPI. The manufacturer basically created an INSANE project for the same price but with great potential and possibilities.

Next step was creating shaft driven chassis – XXX-D VIP that made a lot of noise in the drift industry. It became very popular since its very first release. Moreover, MST engineers created several variations to the model with different locations of motors which was another big step for a rookie-company to get closer to industry giants.

Max Speed Technology also works hard at creating a friendly global fan community by posting HD videos, photos and sketches of all their RC Cars to social networks and blogs. In addition to this official fan-service many MST enthusiasts create their own video channels on YouTube and post photos of their projects designed with the help of MST kits.

Benefits of MST RC
  • Big amount of different models in assortment
  • Different types of manufactured sets of chassis by colors
  • Large variety of parts and color options
  • Quick and convenient parts search
  • Availability of the brand across the world
  • The quality of parts and chassis
  • Opportunity for upgrade for chassis of any level
  • Frequent releases of new chassis and parts
  • Flexibility in chassis settings
  • Availability of models for any drifter level
  • Release of new engineering concepts that makes the hobby market develop and move forward

Why should you choose Max Speed Technology RC?

When you buy Max Speed Technology RC Car you can also be sure you’ll manage to have a control over each components include into a kit. However, not only chassis make MST famous. Engineers of the company invented lots of useful option/upgrade rc parts and great range of wheels and tires that are already being used by many.

Something that makes MST stand out is their approach to everything – from the possibilities of tuning and upgrade to small details.

MST Assortment Stats. Prepared by RCRoller Why Max Speed Technology RC? Prepared by RCRoller

Browse full range of Max Speed Technology (MST) Remote Control Cars

You can adjust MST rc chassis to your skill level – it is so simple to convert standard S kit to VIP kit. The major series of MST chassis are:

  • The MST S Series are the perfect choice for RC fans with the entry level of basic skills. A standard “S” version based kit can be easily upgraded to PRO or VIP chassis.
  • The MST PRO Series are the next-gen drift chassis good for creative tuning and understanding the chassis components. The PRO version can be upgraded with any parts by MST letting to turn this kit into the VIP version.
  • The MST RTR Series are good for everyone who wants to enjoy RC Drifting without any hassle. It is easy to upgrade to VIP specifications. Each kit features an authentic pre-painted Tamiya car’s body.
  • The MST VIP Series are the top notch in RC drifting ready line by MST with 98% of all upgrades featured. This kit is exclusively for RC luxury seekers who are looking for the cutting-edge CS, massive tuning potential and sophisticated design features for serious rc drifting.