Main Rotor Set Limited Edition HN6109

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6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed。

Suitable for T-REX 600E / 600N .

Metal main rotor housing set x 1

Metal head stoppe x 1

Pin x 2(Φ1.5x18.7mm)

Linkage ball A(M3x4) x 2

Linkage ball B(M3x3) x 11

Metal main rotor holder x 2

Metal main rotor holder Collar x 2

Bearing 683ZZ x 8

Bearing MR83ZZ x 2

Bearing MR74ZZ x 2

Bearing FMR52ZZ x 4

Bearing 6706ZZ x 2

Bearing MR148ZZ x 4

Thrust bearing F6-14M x 2

Linkage ball F(M3.5x4) x 2

Collar x 4

Feathering shaft x 1

Damper rubber x 2

Feathering shaft washer x 2

Washer x 6

Socket screw x 4(M2x5mm)

Socket screw x 2(M4x10mm)

Socket screw x 1(M3x10mm)

Socket screw x 4(M3x5mm)

Socket button head screw x 4(M3x12mm)

Flybar control rod x 2

M3 Nut x 1

M4 Nut x 2

Spindle bearing spacer x 4

Metal flybar seesaw holder x 1

Socket collar screw x 2(M4x27mm)

Feathering shaft sleeve x 1

Spacer x2

Metal SF Mixing arm x 2

Metal washout control arm x 2

Radius arm x 2

M3 collar screw x 2

Socket collar screw x 1(M3x22mm)

Metal washout base x 1

CCPM Metal Swashplate x 1

Metal cover x 1

Metal stand x 1

Grommet x 2

Ball bearing x 1

M4 Set screw x 2

Linkage rod A x 2

Linkage rod B x 2

Linkage rod C x 2

Linkage rod x 12