Helicopter Kits

RC Roller invites you to make an incredible journey into the amazing world of radio (remote) control helicopters. You’ll get a chance to buy one of RTF (ready-to-fly) RC heli toys that can deliver immediate fun or ARR RC helicopters toys that are waiting for you to build and fly them outdoors. RC helicopter fans also will be able to choose a model of any size by the world’s most popular manufacturers like Align. Prepare for the stunning and thrilling experience of piloting small micro electro designed for indoors and larger models with scale bodies for the outdoor RC flying experience. You can even find here gigantic Align t-Rex 800 models that can be handled and maintained only by RC gurus.

When it comes to RC helicopters (remote/radio control miniature real-like models of helicopters) many people call the, as toys for kids. In fact, RC helis are far more infesting than regular toys. Modeling and building of RC helicopters can make a lifetime hobby for a kid as well as for an adult who is interested in physics, engineering and simply likes having fun while piloting one of professional RC helicopters.more