H800 Camera Helmet HC8013



●Designedspecifically for the G800 gimbal, this unique ABS constructed gimbalsphere features bright yellow color for excellent visibility, high durabilityand impact resistant, offering superior protection for camera equipment. Whenadded to T-Rex 800E aerial photography ship, this G800 gimbal sphere will incura mere 500g of additional weight. The front, back and bottom of sphere isdesigned for quick disassembly, simplifying camera installation.
●Suitable for T-REX 800E Helicopter series.
●Quick disassembly design, as long as a few screws can fast install and remove for convenient to maintenance.
● Must be tied in with G800 Gimbal (H80B001XX).

●Body length:245.7mm
●Body width:209mm
●Body high:225.7mm
●Weight:Approx. 500g

●H800 Cameral Helmet x 1 set
●Bright red front cover x 1
●Bright red cover x 1
●Bright red bottom cover x 1
●Gimbal Intensifier x 2
●Gimbal Bottom plate Aluminum Standoff A × 4(Φ8.9x12mm)
●Gimbal Bottom plate Aluminum Standoff B x 4(Φ8x17mm)
●Gimbal Bottom plate Aluminum Standoff C x 4(Φ8x22mm)
●Gimbal bearing block spacer-Black x 8(Φ5.2x13x4.5mm90°)
●Gimbal bearing block spacer-Red x 8(Φ5.2x13x4.5mm80°)
●Gimbal bearing block spacer-Gray x 8(Φ5.2x13x4.5mm70°)
●Flat Head Socket Cap Screw-Black x 2(M3x8mm)
●Socket screw-Black x 2(M3x10mm)
●Washer x 2(Φ3xΦ8x0.6mm)
●Socket Button Head Screw x 4(M3x5mm)
●Flat Head Socket Cap Screw-Silver x 4(M2.5x10mm)
●Locking nut(M2.5) x 4
●M3 CNC socket collar screw x 2
●Locking nut(M3)x 2
●Set screw x 8(M3x8mm)
●Allen wrench x 1(2.5mm)
●Allen wrench x 1(1.5mm)
●Allen wrench x 1(2mm)
●T43 thread lock x 1