Short about MST (Max Speed Technology) brand

Being a number one choice among RC cars fans when it comes to modeling, MST (short for Max Speed Technology) is a relatively new player in the team of the world’s most claimed RC manufacturers. According to the official website and the Facebook page, MST is located in Taiwan where the hard-working RC design team creates high-quality rc parts and professional RC models of cars.

MST rc vehicles and option parts deliver an exciting exclusive experience different from any other offered by RC manufacturers. Discover more about benefits of Max Speed Technology products.

Max Speed Technology (short MST)

Short about Align brand

Every RC fan is well aware of Align high-end helicopters and option parts. This Taiwanese RC manufacturer has an interesting background to start with. Being established in 1984 as Align Machine Tool Co., Ltd., this company released electric motors for power drawbars and milling machines. In 1995 the re-branding brought Align Appliances - a successful Taiwanese manufacturer creating vacuum cleaners and home appliances that even reached Japanese market.

However, only in 2003 Align managed to become internationally famous as a RC manufacturer specializing in creating high-end remote control vehicles for kids and adults. Nowadays Align RC World is the top RC manufacturer providing the community with high-performance RC model kits, option parts, electronics and power systems related to RC vehicles. Learn more about the exceptional conceptual products of this company. read more