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First interview with ReXtreme

First interview with ReXtreme


Hi, what’s your name , how old are you and where are you ?

G’day, my name is Russell Gander, most people call me Russ. I’m now 42!!OLD!! and I’m living in Surfers Paradise. Gold Coast Australia.

How long have you been in rc drift motion?

I got my first RC drifter in 2004. But I started to run a lot in 2011. Tell me how you got into the drift. My father had an RC store when I was a kid. I used to run 1/10 on road with associated RC-12E/L and Off road with RC-10 and Yokomo Dogfighter. I built Tamiya Frogs and other kits for customers when I was 15 years old or so. As I grew Up I always loved cars. I have a rally background with Celicas and Datsuns and later WRX impreza but I always loved rotary cars. I loved watching early Option and D1 videos and when I saw the Asamoto RX7 and Imamura Apexi Rx7s, I was hooked. I like drifting in real cars and I moved to Japan in 2002 and When I saw D1 and drifting in the japanese mountains, that was awesome, really inspirational. So I tried drifting with my Rx7 a little but it was too expensive. So I moved back to RC for cheap-er fun.


What was your first model and what you have now?

My first drift car was a stock Yokomo drift package with the Droop AE86. I tried countersteer in 2006 when the FCD overdrive kit for Drift package was introduced. I couldn’t drive it well though and stopped for a while. These days I run 4 yokomo chassis. The main chassis is a Yokomo DRB with Overdose upgrades. Cs ratio is 1:2.2 and the motor is 17.5T The second fun chassis ia a Yokomo DIB 275mm with full metal upgrades. cs ratio is 2.3 Both of these run a short 4200 lipo. All my cars run Sanwa servo and Keyence ESC & motor where possible. I usually run RC926 springs for setting. My third chassis is a Yokomo Drift Package with Stage 3 SSG chassis and Overdose parts. Cs Ratio is 2.0 with the target for the outdoor asphalt circuits. My final chassis is waiting for electronic parts. It’s a plastic Drift Package converted to Rear Wheel Drive. It has many upgrades also and I can’t wait to get the parts to complete it. I currently run at GCRC Raceway which is indoor polished concrete. I helped design this circuit.

How often do you participate in competitions?

I don’t often enter competitions because the value is not there. I’d rather run all day side by side, that 3 laps in a comp. I have entered 2 comps and finished 1st and 2nd place.

Do you think luck or experience is more important?

Experience is important. Practice , setup , practice , setup , practice

What coverage do you prefer?

I’m not sure about this question.


Which settings are optimal for your chassis?

Settings are different for the chassis, but always basically the same. I like my chassis to HOLD the line under braking and off-throttle so I can brake when I am close to a leading car. I also like long handbrake entries so the car must be good in this area. A fast change of direction is also important. Weight and body aero can effect handling so fine tuning is always required.

What is the most important thing for you to drift?For the car.

Predictable setting. The car must react to my inputs, not force my inputs. For the driver. I like to relax, don’t be too aggressive but get very close to the car in front or behind. I don’t want to win, I want to be the same level. Tandem style is super cool!

What location of engine do you prefer and why?

I like the balance of Front-mid motor and rear battery. but I have tried many chassis and all can be made to drift in the same way. Everyone loves a different style of chassis that is cool.

What configurations of tracks do you like?

All. But they must be realistic. I like realistic speed and realistic style so places like Yatabe arena in Japan do not interest me. If the track is too big you can’t see the detail in the car bodies. I think R31 world in Japan is one of the best I have seen. Fast and technical also. but it looks like a real circuit too.

What do you know about the development of rc drift in Russia?

I know there are some passionate people over there. In Australia recently we are running CS up to 1:3.0 in 4wd with good results and RWD is becomming popular. Both these styls are looking realistic.

In Russia, a lot of people are using chassis from MST, How do you feel about their products?

We also have the MST distributor in Australia. I’ve tried my friend’s MST XXX-D,MS-01 Pro and FXX and all are very well made and designed and are pretty easy to set up. the RTR models are not great but they can be upgraded easily. I love MST wheel rim designs and I have 4 or 5 sets that I currently run.

Well, what you wanted to wish the Russian drifters?

To all the Drifters in Russia, “In RC, every millimeter is important. Go for the perfect side by side slide.”


U can read more on ReXtreme blog http://rextremerc.blogspot.com.au/