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First interview with ReXtreme

First interview with ReXtreme Hi, what’s your name , how old are you and where are you ? G’day, my name is Russell Gander, most people call me Russ. I’m now 42!!OLD!! and I’m living in Surfers Paradise. Gold Coast Australia. How long have you been in rc drift motion? I got my first RC drifter in 2004. But I ...

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RC Drift Cars: More Than Toys for Kids

The crazy rhythm of our lives can easily lead to stressful situations. The only way to avert such a scenario in your life is to find a rewarding and fun rc hobby that can make you feel like a child again — free from troubles and ready to get new hilarious experiences day after day. One such hobby can easily become ...

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How to Choose Batteries for Electric RC Cars?

When it comes to choosing batteries for RC cars (or helicopters—the characteristics of the electric engines are practically identical), it is a hard decision to make, especially for a novice. To make your life easier, we offer to check the peculiarities of the three most popular types of batteries available for electric rc drift cars. About nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries If ...

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RC Chassis: The Most Common Types and Features

Chassis of radio-controlled cars literally stand for the basis of an entire model. During RC building, chassis serve as a place where the most important elements are based — the engine, the receiver and other electronics. Chassis for RC drift cars can be different —some are good for racing on highways, while others were made exclusively for drifting sessions or ...

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The Common Types of RC Cars

Radio controlled cars present a quite new hobby activity that quickly won a good reputation and popularity all over the world. RC cars can perform many activities, such as off-road driving, jumping, tricks, and drifting, as well as high-speed driving on flat roads. That’s why RC car drivers arrange a lot of national and international championships that are as thrilling ...

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