For the company that survived through few cardinal re-branding changes Align achieved great results as a manufacturer of top-end RC devices. All passionate enthusiasts are quite aware of Align products but not many of them know the eventful history of this popular RC manufacturer.

The background of Align manufacturer

Align sertificatesTo cut a long story short, being located in Taiwan Align Machine Tool Co., Ltd. started to work in 1984. Surely, back to those days its owners had not an idea of manufacturing RC toys and were primarily focused on promoting carbon brush motors and related products.

In 1987 Align launched its first line of wet/dry vacuum cleaners that became sensational at the Japanese market.

A huge commercial success, well-organized post-sale support and sophisticated products made Align the leader of Taiwanese market of domestic appliances in 1995. The company received the new title – Align Appliances.

In 2003 the owners of Align made a crucial decision to launch a series of RC hobby products in addition to their popular technologies of home appliances, telecommunications and joint-venture products. Nowadays, practically every RC enthusiast uses devices or parts made by Align RC World division cherishing quality and design of radio controlled kits.

What makes Align the first-choice manufacturer for RC fans?

Align corporationWhy do RC masters and newbies all over the world trust Align and buy its RC creative products and option parts? The list of this manufacturer’s advantages is long but, in a nutshell, Align remains one of very few companies that are eager to create not just random RC devices but creative toys of the highest quality capable to deliver unique flying experiences.

Align also works hard to support their RC fan community. 2012 was the year of 8th annual Align Fun Fly – an international RC completion and exposition where RC masters, mostly from Asia and USA, tested new RC products by Align, demonstrated their own devices made of Align parts and competed with each other. This event proved that Align is seriously focused on RC manufacture and not planning to go through re-branding any time soon.

The assortment

Align RC assortment is quite impressive. Under this brand’s title there are made cutting-edge RC helicopters, heli parts (blades, canopy, etc.), power motors, gimbals, fuel and electric equipment, screws, bearing, batteries, chargers, aerographic tools and other leisure goods for RC fans.

Many experienced RC enthusiasts choose Align option parts because they are affordable and can fit practically any design project.

The most popular series of Align helicopters has an aggressive title T-Rex. Intense development, the 3-point 120-degree CCPM design, capability of 3D maneuvers made these helicopters of the best-selling series among fans of RC hobbies. Due to the fact, T-Rex helicopters are also considered as the most cloned ones in the world. Several Chinese manufacturers try to make similar to Align items RC toys but only authentic T-Rex RC devices can boast a flawless design and a great variety of models including:Align helicopters

  • T-Rex 100 provides the classic model for flying experience in small spaces;
  • T-Rex 250 is perfect for RC pilots with no experience. Despite its small size (the rotor diameter - 46cm), you can enjoy 3D flying experience;
  • T-Rex 450 is considered the most popular model in the series (the diameter of the main rotor is 63.5 cm);
  • T-Rex 500 and 550 models are more stable and more spectacular in flying than previous models;
  • T-Rex 600 is a large-scale model (the diameter of the main rotor is 130 cm, its weight is more than 3.2 kg). Align’s T-Rex 600 series shows great flight characteristics but requires experience from a RC pilot;
  • T-Rex 700 is the largest flagship model in the entire T-Rex series by Align. It has the most advanced technical characteristics in its category. Pleasure of piloting is unlimited.

One the most popular Align series are T-Rex helicopters that can make a heart of a RC enthusiast beat faster due to a true-to-life design and exclusive 3D experience. Some of the latest and classic T-Rex heli toys by Align you can find here, at RC Roller.

To catch more information on Align’s assortment you are welcome to visit the RC Roller’s catalogue with authentic items and parts by this manufacturer. Every item has a description on its technical parameters and advantages for a RC fan.

Why Align RC products will be good for you?

SimplicityEven a beginner can operate Align toys without any special skills. A child or an adult who had never laid a finger on a RC toy will be able to enjoy flying an airplane/helicopter by Align just in few hours after the purchase.

Quality Align mainly gained its popularity thanks to high-end quality reflected in each piece entitled with the brand’s name.

Flexibility and a huge assortment for designers RC masters can design their own unique RC helicopters using only Align’s option parts.

Durability Sufficient design, solid base and option parts that can be replaced without any problems make Align products durable for many years.

Creativity and controls make a perfect match Align RC toys do not just look nice (very nice to be precise) but also work flawlessly. Seriously, the price for Align RC devices may seem high but each device is worth every dollar spent on it.

The last but not the least reason why you as a RC Roller member should choose Align toys for your RC passion is that our website distributes authentic RC helicopters, airplanes and parts at affordable cost.

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