90 High Performance Muffler HFM09001

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Muffler x1
Muffler Spacer x1
Pressure nipple x1
Pressure nipple Spacer x2
Exhaust guide x1(Φ13.5xΦ18.5x79.75mm)
Spacer x2
Collar screw x2(M4x45mm)
Spring Washer x2
Strap x 1(100mm)

Size:Φ49.1 x 318 x 81.75mm

Apply to 90 size helicopters, according to the strength character of 90 engine to design, features much increase the horsepower, fuel-saving, low noise, and the highest air exhaust volume on the market.
Great design and test to three spaces: expansion chamber, accelerated section, silencer chamber, high efficiency and the quick respond of medium speed and high speed, great for 3D flying.
Use for O.S 91SR/HZ & ALIGN 91H/HP engine.