800E Auxiliary battery mount set H80T010XXW



●Specially designed auxiliary battery mount set to balance the helicopter when gimbal system is used, provides proper CG for better flight stability.

●Dedicated APS sensor unit mounting platform to simplify installation.

●Auxiliary Battery Board (100x40x2mm) x 2

●Auxiliary Battery Mount Side Plate (100x19x2mm) x 2

●Auxiliary Battery Boom Clamp– Left (58x8x59mm) x1

●Auxiliary Battery Boom Clamp– Right (58x8x60mm) x1

●Auxiliary Battery Boom Clamp(GPS) – Left ( 58x8x61mm ) x1

●Auxiliary Battery Boom Clamp(GPS) – Right ( 58x8x62mm ) x1

●GPS Mounting Plate (41x12x14mm) x1

●GPS Mounting Mast (30x38x3.5mm) x1

●Flat Head Socket Cap Screw (M2.5x6mm) x16

●Socket collar screw(M3x20mm) x1

●Socket collar screw(M2.5x8mm) x1

●Strap x 2

●Hook & Loop fastening tape x 4