800E Aerial Fuselage HC8012



●800E Aerial fuselage x 1
●Fuselage Support Aluminum Standoff A x 2(Φ8x39.5mm)
●Fuselage Support Aluminum Standoff B x 4(Φ8x28.5mm)
●Fuselage Support Aluminum Standoff C x 4(Φ8x41mm)
●Fuselage Support Aluminum Standoff D x 4(Φ8x29mm)
●Aluminum Standoff nutt x 4(Φ6xΦ8x1mm)
●Tail support Post x 2(Φ9.5x19.4mm)
●Socket screw x 4(M4x10mm)
●Socket screw x 2(M4x8mm)
●Socket Button Head Screw x 20(M3x6mm)
●M4 set screw x 4(M3x15mm)
●M3 set screw x 2(M4x12mm)
●Φ3File x 1
●Body length:593mm
●Body width:247mm
●Body high:160mm
●Weight:Approx. 665g
●Special designed for T-REX 800E platform for aerial photography, fiberglass material, exterior rich sense of technology, features both light weight and high strength characteristics.
●Bright yellow color can effectively enhance identification in the sky, conducive to aerial photographic operation.
●Suitable for T-REX 800E Helicopter series.
●Quick disassembly design, as long as a few screws can fast install and remove for convenient to maintenance.
● Must be tied in with G800 Gimbal (H80B001XX), 800E Auxiliary battery mount set (H80T010XX), 800E Aerial Photography Landing Gear Assembly (H80F001XX).