6A External BEC w/ 5.1V Two-way Step-down voltage regulator K10382A

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Input voltage: DC 7.4V 2CELL Lithium battery
Output voltage: DC 5.8V
Max. continuous current: 6A
Size: 60x34x15mm
Weight: 31g(including wire set)

[5.1V two-way step-down voltage regulator]
Max continuous current: 5A

Using linear design, input power: 2 cell Li-ion or Li-poly battery, features no interference to receiver.
Features power switch and voltage indicating light for battery status, to remind users to avoid over discharge the receiver’s battery and out of control caused by low voltage.
For some servos such as Futaba servo models 9241, 9251, 9253, 9254, 9255, 9256 and other digital servos are not capable of handling 6V, please connect a 5.1V step-down voltage regulator to the rudder servo, or connect it between BEC (ex. RCE-B6X) and the receiver for all servos. It could avoid the servos overloading and damaged.