500 Four Blades Main Rotor Head assembly H50145

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500 Four-blades main rotor head set x 1
500 Four-blades swashplate x 1
Ball link x 8
Linkage ball B(M2.5x3)(φ4.75x9.77mm) x 4
Socket screw(M3x10mm) x 4
Washer (φ3xφ10x1mm ) x 4
Linkage rod(φ1.96x34mm ) x 4
Socket screw(M2.5x12mm) x 12
Bearing(φ3xφ6x2.5mm) x 4
FMR52ZZ Bearing(φ2xφ5x2.3mm) x 4
Washer (φ3xφ4.8x0.3mm ) x 2
Socket button head screw(M3x12mm) x 1
Socket button head screw(M3x16mm) x 1
Washer (φ6.1xφ10.5x0.4mm ) x4
Linkage ball B(M2.5x3)(φ4.75x9.77mm) x 4
Linkage ball A(M2.5x3.5)(φ4.75x8.18mm) x 4
Long linkage ball (M2.5x3)(φ4.75x24.59mm ) x 1
Socket screw(M2x5mm) x 4

Suitable for T-REX 500 series / 500 Scale Fuselage

Following the release of multiple 500 class scale fuselages, we have introduced a highly scale 4-bladed main rotor head. The complete head assembly is constructed of CNC machined high strength alloy metal, and anodized for aesthetically pleasing appearance. The scale detail of this head assembly, when combined with our UH-60 Blackhawk or Hughes fuselages, results in scale quality never before seen in other similar products. Due to the flybarless construction of this rotor head, an electronic flybarless system is required for operation .