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MST 4WD RC Drift Cars

When choosing rc drift chassis, 4WD (4 wheel drive) is the most convenient and simple option. It is great both for beginners and experienced drivers. The optimum to get acquainted with drifting is 50:50. It means that rear and front wheels rotate at the same speed. Such a ratio of wheels is the best basis for beginner to master chassis "behavior". Also there is CS (counter steer). It’s a relation between rear and front wheels rotation; it means that rear wheels rotate faster than front. The higher CS is, the faster rear wheels rotate, imitating real drift, where, as is known, rear drive is used. One should not think that if only rear drive is used in drift, it is necessary to drive rear drive cars. It’s a big mistake.

4WD remote control car is used during competitions and for gaining necessary skills, because RWD isn’t yet popular enough. RWD car (2 wheel drive car) is eager to maximize its popularity, but auditorium and competition regulations are not yet prepared for these rc drift changes. There are main reasons which help you to make the right choice of 4WD chassis for drift.

Benefits of 4WD rc drift cars

  • Popularity. Today 4WD is the most popular drift chassis.
  • Availability. Almost every town has its shop, where you can find 4WD rc chassis.
  • Basics. 4WD chassis is more convenient for beginners while training
  • Simplicity. Some chassis are very easy to use and to set up.
  • Basic package. Today only 4WD chassis is available in any variation (KIT, ARR, RTR or version – S, RTR, PRO, and VIP) with or without electronics.