3G Link cable HEP3GF02

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USB 3G Link cable x 1
USB extension cable x 1
Signal Y-adapter x 1
Installation CD x 1

Compatible with USB version 1.0/1.1/2.0
Minimum OS requirement:WINDOWS XP/ VISTA/ 7
CD Content:
3G V2.1 Upgrade Software
3G Configuration GUI
USB Driver
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 URL

Instruction Manual

3G link cable incorporates PC configuration GUI (graphical user interface) and latest 3G firmware update to improve system stability, and added pirouette compensation to stabilize center point during pirouettes.
Opens up numerous configuration parameters within the 3G system. Pilots can fine tune the system through the PC GUI to suit individual preferences.
Configurable parameters includes options relating to aileron, elevator, rudder, and combined functions.
Provides real time display of radio control signal speed output, so pilot can fine tune the system based on the helicopter response to control sticks relationship display .
Ability to display the current status of parameters in 3G system for setup verification.
Parameter import/export function to allow backup of settings, as well as exchange of parameters with others through internet.